At Eco Dry Carpet aka Remove Odour , we offer many options remove offensive odours from your home or business.

How it works:

The basic concept behind removing house odours with ozone is a scientific process. What ozone does is break down and destroy the bacteria, molecules and spores that are the cause of the unpleasant odours and smells. The Ozone molecule is a extremely sensitive molecule that reacts very quickly to the particles that it comes in contact with, either on hard surfaces or even in the air. The additional oxygen atom that is found in the ozone connects with other molecules, thereby causing a chemical change in the structure of the molercule itself, creating a non-offensive molecule. This process then eliminates the odour and smell.

How Ozone Breaks Down Odor

During the process where the molecules are changed, the spores and bacteria are affected as well. What happens is that the ozone destroys the outer shell of the cell (spore) which then degrades and disintigrates into tiny pieces and the cell dies.

Keeping this process in mnd, the different situations other than minor odours will call for different solutions. For example, if ozone particle can remove offensive smells and odours, it stand to reason that larger amounts of ozone will be able to counteract large amounts of odours and smells.

This requires what is called an ozone generator to combat large scale problems. There are also different sizes of generators that are used, depending on the scope and scale of the odour problem.

The most common scenario that we have experienced, usually involves people who claim that they have tried everything they can think of, and have found to their dismay that nothing works. They try as hard as they can to remove the offensive odours, but no matter what they do , there is still a nasty lingering odour that just simply will not go away. They are now at their wits’ end, and feeling extremely frustrated and discouraged. This is where we at Remove Odour come in. This is where we can help remove those unpleasant household odours as well as the bacteria and spores that are causing them.

You see ozone is a gas, so there nowhere for the odours to hide. The ozone can effectively clean odours out of any place that the air is present. So you can clean the air, duct work, ceilings, floors walls, carpeting, even tiny gaps in the floor boards or walls will be cleaned and sanitized. The ozone process gets into all these areas and destroys any bacteria, spores and odours found there. Ozone is the most effective cleaner there is when it comes to bacteria, and unpleasant odours.

The ozone process basically breaks down the bacteria and the odour causing molecules in any area of the home that it is used.

This process is one of the most effective that can be used to remove odours from homes and businesses. We would be happy to visit with you to see how we can help you and your family remove offensive odours from your home.

These are just some of the odours ozone treatment will solve:

Food odors can permeate the air of your home and leave unpleasant odors for long periods of times. Even the cleanest of homes can have lingering food odors and some odors are particularly hard to combat, lingering for weeks or even months.

Washing walls or re-painting will not always eliminate the smell of years of heavy cooking odors. Ozone penetrates carpets, wall paper and other soft surfaces in a home to quickly eliminate even the strongest of food odors.

Grease - Grease that splatters from meat, oil, butter and other greasy foods can easily saturate surfaces around your cooking area and leave behind a film that creates unwanted odors.

Ethnic Foods- Ethnic foods such as Curry can leave a very potent odor that will linger for a long period of time.

Fish - The musky scent of fish can be a troublesome odor that’s hard to get rid of.