Q. Why does your cleaning price include deodorizer?

A. Germs, bacteria, dust mites, pollens, pet dander, cooking oils and odors get trapped in your carpet, and furniture fibers. Every time someone in the household gets sick with a cold or flu, these germs get trapped in the fibers. These germs and bacteria can become airborne, and pollute your home. If your carpets & upholstery are thoroughly disinfected when we clean them then we can help to make your home as healthy as possible! Our cleaning process sanitizes your carpets naturally.

Q. Why should our carpets be professionally steam cleaned regularly (Every 6-18 months)?

A. The carpets and upholstery in your home is an investment of thousands of dollars. Cleaning them regularly will help protect your investment from being damaged. The truth is that as home owners we do not have to time to vacuum our carpets 2-3 times a week which is what most carpet manufacturers recommend! (Most people, me included, can barely accomplish vacuuming just once per week!) So these soils/contaminants that are in the carpets and furniture just sit there and begin to get ground into the fibers. They inevitably wear out the carpet causing it to become dull and unattractive. Can you imagine what your kitchen linoleum would look like if it were only swept but not washed for 2 years? Your carpet is designed to trap and hide dirt from showing. If you hope to preserve its color, quality & strength then the carpet and upholstery must receive regular steam cleaning.

Q. How long will my carpets take to dry?

A. Your carpets should generally be dry within 1-2 hours after a professional cleaning by EcoDry, sometimes even faster, depending on the extent of soiling. If your carpets stay wet from any cleaning for more than 8 hours, microbial growth may start to occur. Please note that it does take longer for the carpet to dry if a carpet protector has just been applied after cleaning.

Q. Why should we spend additional money to have Dupont Teflon Carpet Protector, and/or furniture protector applied after cleaning?

A. In our opinion, you do not have to. Carpet and furniture protectors otherwise known as Flourochemicals can be re applied after a cleaning if you specifically request it. EcoDry does not upsell.

Q. We just painted. Will your hoses scratch the paint on corners of our walls?

A. At Innovative Cleaning Solutions we have gone the extra step to make sure that your property and all valuables are protected in every way possible.

Q. Do you move the furniture?

A. Most furniture that our customers would like to have moved for cleaning behind will be moved by our trained technicians. There are some items that are too heavy and we may refuse to move such as full china cabinets, pianos, Platform beds, etc. Our goal is to leave your home without damaging any of your valuables.

Q. Should we vacuum our carpets & furniture before the cleaner arrives?

A. If you like, although our cleaning process requires that we vacuum the carpet with a heavy duty commercial vacuum before we wet clean. Vacuuming very thoroughly prior to the cleaning is very important. Any extra debris that is on the carpet can become a hassle to our technicians. If you ask other companies to vacuum the carpet for you they will be happy to provide this service at an addition cost.

Q. Last time we had our carpets cleaned they seemed to get soiled very quickly. Why?

A. There was residue left behind caused from ineffective extraction of the shampoo or cleaning chemical used. Now a quick chemistry lesson: Ideally your carpets should have a balanced ph, meaning they are not acidic or alkaline. The dirt and soil in your carpet is acidic, and all shampoo is alkaline. The goal of all carpet cleaners should be to leave the carpets and upholstery with an even ph, meaning that the shampoo/chemical needs to be thoroughly extracted with an acidic rinse in order to prevent this alkaline from attracting acid (dirt) to itself. Your carpet will feel soft when left with a balanced ph. With the EcoDry system these concerns are moot.