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Carpet Maintenance

EcoDry offers expert maintenance consultation for all your cleaning needs, whether it is carpet, hard surface, drapery or odor control. We will help you assess your facility’s layout, traffic patterns and operating time and then develop recommendations for the absolute best maintenance program.

Basic Carpet Maintenance Procedure

Step 1:  Vacuuming

  • The most important step in maintaining your carpet is vacuuming. The two main reasons are soil removal and indoor air quality (IAQ). A quality vacuum can remove 80 to 90 % of dry soil from your carpet.
  • A quality vacuum should have a filtration system of .5 microns to .3 microns.

Step 2: Pile-lifting

Employing a heavy duty Pile-lifter will lift the carpet fibres improving the appearance, removing any deep down impacted dirt and making carpet ready for the next step.

Step 3: Pre-spraying

Similar to pretreating your laundry before washing, pre-spray techniques for carpet care will produce far superior results,

“Utilizing in-tank cleaning chemistry will only have limited contact with the carpet fibre and if not rinsed out sufficiently will inevitably leave residue which will attract dirt, allowing for faster re-soiling cycles and thereby reducing the life of your carpet.”

These are the main reasons we at Innovative Cleaning Solutions pre-spray to allow a longer dwell time for the solution to break down (emulsify or separate and suspend) the soil. Below we outline the steps for proper pre-spraying to achieve maximum results.

  1. We mix an appropriate ratio of non-residual cleaning solution with water, .
  2. Using a commercial grade pump-up sprayer, we carefully spray the affected areas, allowing enough Detergent Free Cleaning solution to properly penetrate the carpet surface.
  3. Allow the recommended dwell time for the product, usually anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 4: Agitation

Working the solution into the carpet is an important step in the cleaning process. It assists in the breakdown and separation of the dirt from the carpet fibres.

Our counter-rotating brush machines do an excellent job of agitating the carpet without putting undo stress on the broadloom like other planetary or rotary brush machines do. We liken it to brushing someones hair, there is a right way, and a definite WRONG way.(If you want to keep your hair)

Step 5: Extraction / Rinse

After the previous four steps have been completed, we are now ready to rinse any heavily soiled areas out with low moisture steam and vacuum system.