What Carpet Cleaning Services involve?

  • Soil and allergen removal
  • Without toxic chemicals

We only use the best Green Certified products on the market. Products are safe for everyone, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. MsDS Sheets are available upon request.

  • Fact - 1 in 5 adults, children and pets are more sensitive to chemicals than the general population
  • Fact - Every second home contains at least one sensitive individual.
  • Fact - Carpet cleaning has been repeatedly linked to respiratory irritation and asthma. Cleaning products can effect your health and the well being of your customers .
  • Fact - Carpet cleaning chemicals and their residues pose potential health risks to adults, children, pets and the Professional Cleaner!
  • Fact - Mount Sinai School of Medicine study found carpet cleaning chemical ingredients in blood and urine samples of volunteers. None of the volunteers work with cleaning chemicals.
  • Fact - Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta found pesticides and disinfectant residues in blood and urine samples of 2000 average Americans.
  • Fact - No matter which method of cleaning carpets you chose a portion of the cleaner will remain in the carpet after cleaning.

Many carpet cleaning products contain ingredients that are harmful.


lungsAsthmaticDo you know that professional cleaners are twice as likely to acquire occupational Asthma than any other profession?  (Inform. State of California.)

Imagine being twice as likely to acquire work related Asthma cleaning carpets than a coal miner digging coal!

“If you can’t breathe nothing else matters”.*
*( American and Canadian Lung Associations)

There are 5000 deaths, 2,000,000 emergency hospital visits and 500,000 hospitalizations due to asthmatic reactions, every year in the United States alone.

Excessive respiratory irritation, coughing, and sneezing have been reported by both cleaning professionals and their customers.

A portion of the Volatile Ingredients in Carpet Cleaning Products will or Already Have Become Part of Your Body Chemistry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is:

Removal of soil, allergens and existing contaminate residues, without the use of toxic ingredients commonly found in carpet cleaning products, masking agents, deodorizing or sanitizing products.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

  • Effective Vacuuming with good filtration is the most important carpet maintenance procedure.
  • Entrance matting traps soils at entrances.
  • Vacuum entrances and heavily tracked areas frequently.


The Steps:

  1. Dry vacuum
  2. Prespray carpet with Human friendly Detergent Free Chemistry.
  3. Allow a dwell time of 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Agitate heavily soiled areas with carpet grooming rake or mechanical scrubbing.
  5. Rinse and extract carpets with DRY STEAM ONLY.
  6. DO NOT ADD detergent or rinse aids.
  7. Insure equipment including vacuum system is cleaned after use.
  8. Avoid over wetting carpet.
  9. Insure proper drying with good extraction procedures .
  10. Use blowers or fans when needed.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Chemical requirements:

  • Complete ingredient disclosure.
  • Scent free and No volatile or toxic ingredients.
  • Tested by Professional Testing laboratory – recognized by carpet mills.
  • Healthy Carpet Cleaning Chemical requirements
  • Independent Validation for Environmental compatibility, such as Green Seal, or Environmental Choice.
  • Recognized as being suitable for use around individuals with sensitivities, Envirodesic, American Lung Association, Asthma Society, ect.
  • Uses cleaning products and procedures proven to be suitable for use around individuals with sensitivities.
  • Does not promote carpet re-soiling.
  • Removes large amounts of allergens and other contaminants which have proven to be problematic to sensitive individuals.