Our Company

Since its inception in 2002 Innovative Cleaning Solutions has been a family owned and operated business dealing exclusively with the Vancouver Hotel Industry. We are taking the philosophy that made us so successful in achieving their high standards, and bringing it to you. Our courteous, professional, well trained technicians use a combination of proper vacuuming or pilelifting, Detergent Free ChemistryAgitation,  and Dry Steam Extraction.

We have branched off and become an industry leading company for Odour Removal a few years ago, and have the highest graded commercial ozone treatment systems for odour removal on the market today.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions is committed to providing our clients with the safest, most effective and thorough odour removal and carpet cleaning services possible.

The health and safety of our clients is extremely important to us! This desire for excellence in proper cleaning, causes us to continually search for new and innovative cleaning solutions to add to our services.

Our products and services are environmentally safe, hypoallergenic, fragrance, residue and detergent free.

It is noteworthy that our systems are the most widely recommended cleaning system by carpet manufacturers. Unlike other methods that leave potentially harmful chemical residue behind, our low moisture, high temperature steam rinse will leave your carpet fresh, bright and residue free.

We proudly service Vancouver and surrounding areas for full service Commercial & Residential Odour Removal and Carpet Care services.

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